Bottersnikes and Gumbles Title Sequence

Such a fun project to work on under the very talented Alex Grigg, with amazing style set by Jason Pamment. It was a great technical challenge to incorporate cel animation, after effects and c4d with seamless transitions in a rough painterly look. So happy with how this turned out.

Director - Alex Grigg
Executive Creative Director - Darren Price
Producer - Angiline Atkins
Head of Studio - Jeremy Howdin
Lead 2D Designer - Jason Pamment
Concept Art - Alexandre Diboine
2D Animators - Murray Debus, Catriona Drummond, Alex Grigg, Mike Singca
Compositing - Josh Edwards, Vincent E Sousa
2D Clean Up - Joel Williams, Mike Singca, Catriona Drummond
3D Animation - Lawrence Jet Wong
3D Lighting & Compositing - Wayne Osborne
Animation/Layout - Mike Singca
Graphic Design - Eddy Herringson
Composer - Michael Szumowski
Design Assistant - Ling Siu
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