Priceless Gig Kasabian

As technical director on this job it was my role to make sure that the idea's that Simon (CD) had were going to work. This job had some very complicated camera moves combining live action, 3d, stop motion and puppeteering to create the final tvc. I visualised the whole commercial in C4d to scale including camera moves and built the set and props to match. I was also the designer of almost all of the elements and with the help of Kiah we got them all made and cut out. Compositing involved painting out scratches and re creating camera moves, as well as adding additional elements such as the paper man and video screen.

Created at Engine
Director: Simon Robson
DOPs: Calvin Gardiner ACS / Tony Gardiner
Technical Director - Josh Edwards
Motion Designers - Mike Williamson / Josh Edwards /Simon Robson
Design Assistant / Model Maker - Kiah Barker
3D Artist: Josh Edwards
Compositors / Animators: Mike Williamson / Josh Edwards / Kent Smith
Junior Compositor: Kiah Barker
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